Announcing Open Lunar Fund-a-Fellow 2024 Campaign

The Fund a Fellow campaign is back. This fall we will be highlighting our fellowship program through an exciting campaign #fundafellow. Read the blog for more details and visit the Fund a Fellow website.

Open Lunar is now recruiting for our 2024 fellowships. Our research priorities will focus on:: 

  • Special zones for Lunar activities 

  • Collaborative landing pad infrastructure 

  • Community Payload Review 

  • Payload X 

  • Power Standards 

  • Network Timekeeping Protocol 

Read the blog post announcing our upcoming areas of research

Open Lunar strives for collaboration in how we source and support ideas. Last year, we were honoured to welcome the support of MoonDAO and Celestial Citizen for our fellowship program. 

Thanks to their engagement we were able to advance work on the potential for an open standard to advance Lunar timekeeping and undertake a deep exploration of the potential for a Lunar registry.  

This year, our fellowship program will support fellows over 8 months of in-depth research on the topic areas outlined above. Our fellows work as a team and they are guided by our dedicated staff, alongside affiliates and subject matter experts, to produce research outcomes that will be made publicly available to benefit the entire lunar community.

As always, our goal is simple: invest in talent from a diverse interdisciplinary community to develop research that advances the pursuit of a sustainable and peaceful Lunar presence. 

If you support or share this goal, please join us in supporting one of our Open Lunar fellowships. We offer an engaged and supportive environment and recognition for all of our partner donors. You’ll be able to help shape both the Lunar future and the future of these talented individuals who are committed to this great endeavour. 

We’re welcoming expressions of interest in funding a fellow until 5 December 2023. Visit the Fund a Fellow website or  email us at