Investing in Talent

Fund a Fellow- Now seeking partners for funding our 2024 fellowships

Open Lunar fellows are at the leading edge of lunar development research. Through a collaborative process ran this year, we have recognised several areas of research that the new fellowship cohort will explore in 2024. Read below for more information about our fellowship program and how your contribution can help further cutting-edge research for a peaceful and sustainable lunar presence.

Hear from our Fellows

We have hosted 20+ fellows over four years producing over 25 pieces of original research on space economy, resources, design and governance. Your support enables our Fellows research to drive humanity's lunar future. You can have outsized leverage, catalysing a generation of positive space development. 100% of contributions go towards our fellowship program.

I think these positions from the fellows are helping to enhance thought leadership in the community around issues that will shape the future of lunar exploration and we have a network of different organizations that are affiliated with Open Lunar and that just broadens the impact of these kinds of pieces that we create and the research that we put out in the world.

Mariam Naseem, Open Lunar Fellow and Graduate Researcher at the University of Maryland.

The fellowship is a fantastic magnet for just the full spectrum of thinking on a subject that needs fresh thinking. So the impact of the fellowship on the world can be directly tied to the impact of the moon as a world on us and how we think about the brand new world potentially.

Jeffrey Montes, Open Lunar Fellow and Senior Space Architect at Blue Origins

The work and research done at Open Lunar Foundation through the fellowship advances the world's understanding of various outer space issues and can generate creative solutions to some very intractable problems.

Zag Wager, Open Lunar Fellow and Aviation Security Policy Analyst- Commercial Space Launch at Transport Canada.

Open Lunar Provides Structured Support

We give Fellows everything they need to be successful in making an impact. Open Lunar provides wraparound support with research supervision, coaching and development, group collaboration sessions, showcase events for presenting findings and more.


  • Work a day a week for 8 months
  • Stipend to cover expenses


  • Supervised original research
  • Mentorship from leaders

Holistic Experience

  • Public showcase events
  • Once a fellow, always a fellow
  • Immersed in friendship and growth
Stylized footprint on the moon

We Set a Course For Our Future with Small Contributions Going a Long Way

Our goal is simple: invest in talent from a diverse interdisciplinary community to develop research that advances the pursuit of a sustainable and peaceful Lunar presence.

For more information or a discussion before making your donation, please contact: