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We envision a peaceful, cooperative future on the Moon for all life. Open Lunar fellows are at the leading edge of lunar development research.

Your support enables our Fellows research to drive humanity's lunar future. You can have outsized leverage, catalysing a generation of positive space development.
100% of donations go to fellows.


Unlike 100 million dollar missions, we set a course for our future with small contributions going a long way.

$25,000 funds a cohort. $5000 funds one fellow.
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"21st century space is creating planetary infrastructure, and I support Open Lunar because they pioneer multi-stakeholder projects to facilitate well-governed planetary utilities."

Robbie Schingler – Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at

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"I back Open Lunar because it's critical to have non-commercial, non-governmental voices helping to guide our human space future."

Lindy Elkins-Tanton – ASU Vice President Interplanetary Initiative


Our Fellows are changing the way humanity
interacts in space in four key areas:

Enable responsible industry and market development 

Outline how lunar space will be occupied and built

Define how we use and share goods for all parties benefit

Shape coordination and accountability between actors

Explore The Research

“Open Lunar Foundation impacts the policies that will guide future lunar activities in this exciting time. The fellowship exposed me to resources essential to make a positive and long-lasting contribution in this challenging sector, at the same time leaving me the freedom to focus my work on the aspects of lunar governance that I find most compelling.”

This Program Has a Strong Track Record

We are proven:
Seventeen fellows in three years - a track record of program excellence

We work with the best:
Selecting for best fit - the fellowship has a 6% acceptance rate

We leverage world class advisors:
Experienced research supervision and cohort leadership

Hear From Fellows Experience

We are creating impact in an emerging industry

1 in 4 fellows were hired into high impact/influence jobs

20+ pieces of research from non-space sector experts

100% of fellows report increased capacity to influence

Major space agencies support fellow-created concepts


Open Lunar provides structured support
We give Fellows everything they need to be successful in making an impact.

• Work a day a week for 3-6 months
• Stipend to cover expenses

• Supervised original research
• Mentorship from leaders

Holistic Experience
• Public showcase events
• Once a fellow, always a fellow
• Immersed in friendship and growth