Scarcity of Lunar Resources - Scorecard & Case Study

The objective of the scorecard is to provide a starting point for evaluating the relative scarcity of specific lunar and outer space resources with current information. Through this evaluation, resource systems that are inherently vulnerable or at risk of becoming scarce are easier to prioritize for management.


As explained in “Scarcity of Lunar Resources: Policy Brief”, nations, space agencies and other stakeholders can come together to agree that the scarcity of lunar resources is something worth monitoring, and develop basic methods for identifying and calculating scarcity. This is a prerequisite to policy certainty for developing the space economy. A general approach to classifying scarcity could be adopted to prioritize which resources must be conserved first. One possibility is creating a type of “score card” of indicators, such as the estimated supply of the resource or their level of renewability, and generating a “Scarcity Score” that designates which resources are most vulnerable to negative outcomes of unmanaged use.

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