gazing back at the Earth from the Moon
Meet the organisation

Building a Common Foundation

We are a non-profit organisation committed to enabling peaceful, cooperative lunar settlement for the benefit of all life.

Our Founding Board

Experienced pioneers and world leaders from across aerospace technology and policy sectors.

Chris Hadfield

Chairman and former ISS commander

“It is inevitable that we will become an interplanetary species. Let’s work together to do it right.”

Lindy Elkins-Tanton

Planetary Scientist, Director at ASU & PI on "Psyche"

“With many voices and disciplines at the table, our collective ideas of a better society can get translated into action and reality. ”

Will Marshall

CEO of Planet & Former Lunar Water Scientist

“If we don’t get involved, human settlement in space will reflect the status quo. To do things differently, we need to start now.”

Jessy Kate Schingler

Director at Open Lunar & Former Flight Software

“Let’s invite actors to the table as peers, create a place to explore the unknown, and coordinate.”

Meet the team making it happen

A multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals and leaders in their field.

Chelsea Robinson

Chief Operating Officer

Serial non-profit founder and impact strategist. Previously worked in climate change, deliberative democracy, suicide reduction, government innovation & public private partnerships.

Jessy Kate Schingler

Director of Policy and Governance

Policy and institutional design research for the Moon. Bad habit of getting involved with large properties and governance experiments on Earth. Software engineer by trade; needs to be told when not to debate in polite company.

Juno Woods

Engineering Research and Strategy

Spacecraft guidance, navigation, & control specialist formerly of Intuitive Machines, recovering evolutionary biologist & computer scientist. Making running away with the circus a multi-planetary phenomenon.

fellowship programme

A global community of fellows

We are supported by talented specialists from across the policy, aerospace engineering and space research sectors through our global fellowship programme.

Our supporters

A network of established leaders support and advise us on our journey.

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Nobel Laureate

John Appleseed

Hugo Award Winning Author

Magnam Qui

CEO of Amazing Company