Fundraising Research Associate – Contract RFP

Open Lunar is seeking to develop a database of grant-making institutions that are accepting grants and may be excited to support our work. 

Fundraising Research Associate – Contract RFP

Hours: 120

Duration: 3 months

RFP Closes: 15 April 2024

Compensation: Negotiated 

About Open Lunar  

Open Lunar was founded in 2018 to invest in a peaceful and sustainable Lunar future. We do this by investing in the talent and ideas that enable this vision. 

Open Lunar follows an innovation lab model to generate durable outcomes. We work collaboratively with partners from around the world, including government, academia, and the private sector. These stakeholders help us to source and incubate projects that would not otherwise be prioritized by those stakeholders but are considered beneficial by all stakeholders. 

Through convening cross-disciplinary experts, conducting in-house research, and coaching and funding talent, we aim to take innovative ideas to self-sustainability, enabling our vision. 

Open Lunar is an independent, neutral, United States 501 (c)(3) non-profit that works and hires globally to achieve our vision. 

More information is available on our website: 

About this Contract 

Open Lunar is now undertaking to develop our fundraising capacity further. We are seeking to develop a database of grant-making institutions that are accepting grants and may be excited to support our work. 

Accordingly, we are releasing this RFP to engage a research associate to develop this long list for us, and then help us prioritize it. There is an opportunity for future work writing and submitting grant applications for the qualified candidate. 

The project is expected to take up to 120 hours. It will comprise desk research, including using solicitations, grants, and contract platforms (such as Charity Navigator, Foundation Directory, and others) along with interviews and analysis. 

Desired Outcomes

  • Identify areas of alignment between Open Lunar’s work and thematic areas prioritized by philanthropic organizations (institutional grantmakers both government and institutional philanthropy). 

  • Preliminary Research on brand strategy and alignment for fundraising opportunities. 

  • A spreadsheet summary of target institutions and/or grant opportunities, along with a description of the grant application process, grant windows, and an assessment of the likelihood of a successful grant outcome. A summary should be prioritized in rank order.

  • A short 3-5 page report or slide deck outlining the research process, outcomes, and recommendations for further work, followed by a Q&A session with the team to agree on the next steps. 

Skills and Experience

  • 3–5 years of experience with and knowledge of the US fundraising environment, including understanding how to research and prioritize grant and solicitation opportunities.

  • Ability to synthesize information, thinking strategically, with a view to highlighting top opportunities. 

  • Knowledge of fundraising for scientific and technical (STEM) non-profit and/or start-up organizations is an asset. 

  • Understanding of the space industry is a benefit, but not a requirement.  

  • Strong research and prioritization skills, combined with independent research and team coordination capabilities. 

Proposals must include

  • Resume of the individual[s] who will provide the service.

  • A cover letter showcasing relevant skills and experiences that align with the RFP.

  • A cost breakdown.

  • Any additional information such as examples of past work, portfolio, etc.

  • Minimum 2 references.

All proposals must be sent to Jacob Malthouse,