Lunar Policy Platform (LPP)

LPP is aims to advance international Lunar policy discussions between government actors. It does this through a combination of qualitative research and advocacy with key stakeholders. This work is then synthesised to identify potential areas for progress.


Over the last five years, States involved in international lunar projects such as the Artemis Program and the International Lunar Research Station started to develop guiding principles and policies for their planned missions. In parallel, stakeholders from the space community have been reflecting on the legal and policy challenges raised by both the conduct of commercial lunar missions and the establishment of permanent lunar bases.

One thread connecting these actors and initiatives is the recognition that the proactive development of adequate policies and norms can be a key enabler of peaceful, safe and sustainable lunar activities.

In this context, there seems to be room for a dedicated, independent entity providing trusted lunar policy services and facilitating shared solutions to common problems. Moving from this premise, this project seeks to meet that need through the establishment of a Lunar Policy Platform (LPP) that would (1) identify and investigate priority areas for lunar policy development, (2) catalyze agreement for the establishment of lunar standards of behavior, and (3) facilitate multi-party consultations for effective coordination of lunar operations.

Project Outputs